At core we strongly believe that quality is built on people. Prior to embarking into an implementation we make sure that the customer fully understands the process and has a clear view on the industry best practices that Epicor is built on.


Implementation of an ERP is done by strictly following a solution standard Methodology which enable us to deliver accurate results. At each step of the way using specific KPIs we foresee any pitfalls long before they actually effect the implementation timeframe allowing us to quickly address and fix these issues ensuring project success.


We like to think of an ERP solution as something which is in a constant state of evolution. As your business changes so does your ERP system, using specific metrics we evaluate and expand the usability of your system either via a performance improvement program, BPM. Module or Add-ON enhancements

A beautiful experience!

We believe in a strong positive experience when working, our solutions offer an inspiring way of dealing with everyday issues enabling you to achieve more.

Intuitive GUI
Flexible Tools
Multi Company
Real Time BI
Multi Lingual
Multi Currency
Mobile Enabled
Concurrent User License